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Drop-in & Class Series Descriptions:

Aerial Acrobatics w/Olivia -

Aerial Act Development w/Emily-This class is for intermediate/advanced students looking to create or continue working on sequences with the intention to set them to music. Contact Emily at for more info.

Aerial Conditioning w/Emily - All levels are welcome into this conditioning class specifically designed to help improve aerialists' stamina, endurance and strength while in the air. This class focuses on the practical application of strength-bearing moves and a deep stretch at the end of class. Contact Emily at for more info.

Aerial Dance w/Jeanette - Fly high in style by adding a little flair to your air space! Both Aerial Hammock and Aerial Hoop are intense workouts for the core, upper back and arm muscles. The hammock is stretchy and bendy, while the lyra creates beautiful lines and form. Why not look gorgeous while you sweat? You can either mix-and-match apparatus, or just stick with with one. Contact Jeanette at for more info.

Aerial Fabric & Rope w/Allie -This class focuses on technical application of moves on the aerial silks and rope. Beginners welcome. Contact Allie at for more info.

Aerial Fabric & Rope w/Emily - This class focuses on technical application of moves on the aerial silks and rope. A solid understanding of the apparatus is necessary for this class. Contact Emily at for more info.

Aerial Fitness Bootcamp w/Jeanette - Aerial fitness is one of the most intense ways to stay in shape as well as keep your workout interesting. We will use aerial hammock, silks, rope, lyra, trapeze and vertical barre to create lean and lithe muscles, while enhancing our flexibility and stamina. There's no better or more exciting way to get toned than flying through the air, climbing up things and lifting your own body weight! Jeanette has been leading group fitness classes for over ten years. Contact Jeanette at for more info.

Aerial Silks Foundation w/Gabrielle - This class is designed to provide people with little or no aerial experience a foundation of basic moves on the silks as well as an affordable way to develop strength, stamina, and a sense of movement in the air. A solid foundation in the silks will allow budding aerialists to make the most of classes with our expert teachers on all apparatus. Contact Gabrielle at for more info.

Aerial Yoga w/Lisa -

Basic Aerial Technique w/Lisa -

Beg Fabric w/Lisa -

Hoop Dance w/Jeanette - Hoop Dance is a high cardio and artistic dance program that is tons of fun! What was made popular by Wham-O in the 50’s (remember the Hula Hoop?) has transitioned into a non-impact, fat-burning beautiful aesthetic that strengthens your core and calms your mind. Hoop Dance movement encourages flow and challenges your skills while inspiring you to learn more. Hoopnotica certified, Jeanette wants you to sweat, laugh, and challenge your limits with every “swish” of the hoop! Contact Jeanette at for more info.

Kids Aerial (all ages) w/Jeanette - Kids are awesome! Bring your little acrobat during their designated age-class grouping for some fun on the silks, hammock, rope, lyra, vertical barre and trapeze. The 9 am class is designed for kids who have taken minimal to no aerial lessons, would benefit from fundamental aerial instruction, and/or are between 4 and 7 years old (kids 4 and under should be accompanied by an adult).The 10 am class is designed for kids who are a little more experienced in aerial and/or are between 8 and 10 years old. Contact Jeanette at for more info.

Kids Afterschool Program w/Olivia -

Light Saber Fencing w/Matthew - The first in a series of NEW on-going classes by SaberCombat.Com! Come get your "Force" on, learn from saber combat and fencing professional Matthew "Novastar" Carauddo, and take your fantasy swordplay desires to an entirely different level! * Learn & Train in Saber Spins * Learn & Train in Attacks & Defenses * Learn Spin Forms & Combat Forms * Create your OWN fight scene with a friend! * All L.E.D. sabers are PROVIDED! No previous sword or martial experience is required, but it can be helpful!  Come get your saber on! Bring a costume if you wish, but it isn't required. Adults and ages 12+ welcomed! "Youngling" classes...  comin' soon! For more information, contact

Pole Fitness & Tricks w/Jeanette - Using the pretty aesthetics of a vertical pole, develop the strength and grace to look gorgeous while performing super human feats. Jeanette, Bronze Medal winner of National Pole Sport Competition 2013 in Las Vegas will teach you how! Contact Jeanette at for more info.

Static Trapeze w/Emily -

Stretching w/Allie -

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